Thursday, March 6, 2014

I'm baaaaack

Yes, yes, I know you didn't get a Tuesday Song of the Week this week, nor did you get any  unrelated pictures or fascinating text.

For hubs and I were on the road over the past several days.

On our way to a family wedding in Florida.
Yes, I know South of the Border is not in Florida but a) it's bo cool and kitschy and should not be missed, and b) it's on the way.

We stopped here on the way back.  The Orange Shop is located in what looks like could be the outskirts of Mayberry.  They've been in biz since the 1930s.

It's situated on a real orange grove.

In addition to selling almost frighteningly fresh citrus fruit and juice,
they sell candy, which includes...

but is not limited to alligator-related sweets.

Note that during this trip I got a BUNCH of awesome and marvelous stuff from flea markets and antiques shops, which you soon will see. 

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