Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mon oevre

I was going through some drawers that I had not gone through in some time.  Two of them have all kinds of art supplies that I haven't touched in eons, including sketch books.  I opened them to look at if there was anything in there (I'd tossed a lot of my stuff a long time ago), but was surprised to find...
The above was the earliest thing in there - done in my first year of college -- and the piece I'm most proud of.  I drew it completely free hand while an open copy of Alice in Wonderland sat to me.  

The next four pieces I did a year or so after I graduated.  

 And this a few years after that.

I was the go-to artist for a theatre group I was involved with.  
The only example I have left is what became the cover illustration for the programs for 
The Mouse Trap
(I was also in the show as Miss Casewell.)

I did a painting of Elwood P. Dowd and Harvey for the Harvey set. that I'd give my right kidney to have back - or at least see it again, but I ended up giving it to the guy who played Dowd.

My husband has been leaning on me to get back to doing art.  Below is my latest effort.

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