Friday, February 14, 2014

latest jewelry

The newest of the oldest and/or vintage-ist!!

Wouldn't it be neat if gutta percha collars came back?

And darling little pins like this one?
(which has already sold)

Bountiful and beautiful Tru Art sterling silver ship.
You don't see this kind of artistry any more.

Neat jade tooth.
Oozing with positive energies.
A true jade color, and not the odd Mountain Dew green you see above.  

A great pendant for the aspiring gold-digger.

Tea with kitty.
What could possibly be more delightful?

These circa 1967 earrings
witnessed a whole lot in the last 47 years,
and yet the years haven't age them
even a little bit!

More earrings!
Soooo sparkly.

1930s enamel.
Isn't it sweet?

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