Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday's six Made in USA novelty print fabrics

Sorry I haven't been keeping up, I'm busy a lot during the week playing sick for money.

(see October 7, 2011 post for further description of my work as a part-time standardized patient.)

Anyway, you can expect these outages until mid-May, when the med school year is finally over.

Enough excuses, here's what you came for:

Remember seeing these gals last time?
That's them before they were hand-colored.  Some peeps prefer the original sepia. 
A VERY cool novelty print for seashore wear and/or shore house decor.

This is Billy the Kid, from an old UK comic
 Apparently, the Brits were unaware that Billy the Kid was no hero.

Here's Billy explaining his life's motto, i.e. 'Billy the Kid travels alone.'
 Both of the above would make some bo cool westernwear and/or neat drapes for the western man cave.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the Bird Lady.
She'd look marvelous on a dress, particularly one with lotsa frou frou.
Don't I hand-color good?

This is bo cool - an illustration of a 19th century book I have on raising farm critters.
Above are the long-extinct Bucks County fowl.
I'd love a dress or skirt with this print.  
Would also make marvy curtains for a rooster decor. 

Joan's in the house !!
And posing in an ad for Stereo Realist cameras.
Joan looks good on everything.

See MORE fascinatically fantastic novelty yardage (in cotton, polyester AND linen) here:

See THOUSANDS more of everything here:

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