Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sometimes ...

... askin' IS gettin' !!

to wit: 
  Have you ever seen anything prettier?
Me, neither.

Where'd it come from?


A couple weeks ago I was at an auction.

And one of the lots at the auction was a bunch of framed reproductions of old prints..

kinda like this...

and kinda like this...

There are at least 15 or so of them.  

Sellable, but not really my cup of tea.

In addition to the prints, there was just one more item in the lot: 

This I REALLY wanted.  But I didn't bid on the lot.

However, when the guy who won the bid on the lot went to collect his winnings, I asked if he was interested in selling the vase.


wait for it


wait some more


keep waiting


He GAVE it to me, gratis.





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