Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Halloween party needs

First, ya needs invitations.  

Wouldn't this image - hand-colored by yours truly -- be perfect for your invites?
Note that the watermark is not on the real thing.
As I'm mentioned many times, watermarks are only on my images 
in order to protect YOU from flying monkeys.

Now, if you're a good host or hostess, you'll be giving your guests party favors, which will serve to remind them of the fun they had at your party and such and such.

This would fit the bill PERFECTLY!
It's both awesome AND useful.

Note again that the watermark is a) not on the actual item, and b) only there for your protection.

Note also that my store has paper plates and napkins with this image. You'll need those for the party, too.  Trust me.

My store has LOTS more stuff with this maahvelous hand-colored-by-me image.  

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