Tuesday, December 8, 2015

fairytale wedding

or 'fairy tale wedding'

Your choice.

Now, if you've been invited to a fairytale wedding (or fairy tale wedding), you could certainly used this:

fairy tale wedding print wrapping paper to wrap your gift.  (Note that the paper is NOT NOT NOT blurry as it appears above.)  


if it's your wedding that's the fairytale wedding/fairy tale wedding, you could give a few of these very neat...

...wallets to your bridesmaids, to show your appreciation.  (Note that these aren't blurry in real life either.)

OR if it's your fairytale/fairy tale wedding, and you're a generous and appreciative-type bride, you could give your bridesmaids these...

messenger bags.

Which are lovely, useful, and will always remind them of your marvelous fairy tale/fairytale wedding.

Get all of the above - plus MORE MORE MORE fairy tale wedding stuff -- here: 


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