Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A (mini) miracle

Yesterday morning, I was working on fixing...

Lucinda's (that's her above) outdoor...

 feral shelter*

I was crouching on the ground rather than sitting, and suddenly...
 I slipped and landed on my right knee.  It hurt like CRAZY.  And I thought, 'Well if it hurts this bad, even in the unlikely event that I don't completely lose my mind from the pain, I probably won't be able to do my shift** this morning.'

I was able to finish what I was doing with the shelter (yay me), and when I struggled up and got back into the house and...

suddenly my knee didn't hurt AT. ALL.  

*Lucinda is no longer what I would consider feral.  She's gone from being afraid to be any closer than 15 feet away from me to wanting to sleep on my lap.  But she still refuses to come into the house, hence the feral shelter.  Note that the shelter in the picture is the same type of shelter I have, but the pic is from the manufacturer, and not my yard.  Note also that the reason I was fixing it is that the awning keeps falling off, thereby letting rain and stuff in.

** The referred to shift was my weekly two hours helping take care of the cats in the PetSmart adoption center at Cottman and Bustleton, City of Bothersome Love.  

God is good.

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