Tuesday, May 26, 2015

latest ashtrays

Alas, I don't have all the latest ashtrays to show you, mainly because the photo I took of one just looks awful.  That one will appear here eventually.

But for now...

Camelback in the Poconos
Hit the slopes, then have a smoke. 

Eden Roc Hotel - Miami Beach, FL
 Whenever I think of retro Miami Beach, I think of that rich jerk Keenan Wynn played in A Hole in the Head.

Harbor Light Restaurant - San Pedro, CA
Still in business! 

The Hotel Times Square - New York, NY
The above is puzzling.  There's a 'Times Square Hotel' but I don't know if this is that or that is this.  Maybe you do. 

John G. Stumpf, Inc. Fuel Oil
 Wasn't it easier to remember phone numbers back in the day, when the first two numbers stood for a word?  The first two numbers of my current phone number (land line, thank you very much) used to stand for Mayfair.

Salvatore's Italian Restaurant
Dunno where this is from.  There's a bunch of Salvatore's Italian Whatsis on the 'net.

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