Friday, July 11, 2014

My latest Goodwill Outlet trip...

was a doozie.

Wanna see what I got?

Of course you do.
First find of the day.
Cute, no?

The next thing I pulled out of a bin was this bo cool papier mache mask and bird thingie.

Then came this neat road sign.
A lady looked into my cart and said, 'You know that sign is partially broken, right?'

Translation: 'Please put the sign back in one of the bins, so I can have it.'

Next, the lovely and something Smurfette, 
in pillow form.

Here's some stuff I found for my hubs to paint on. 
He's all about turning stuff like this into art.

This I need.

A bagful of hearts!
A whole entire bag.

Now these, my young friends, are COOL.  
45s from the 1980s with picture sleeves!

OK. well, two don't have picture sleeves, but like all the rest, they're in MINT condition.
Note that the box at the far left is a double CD set of disco hits.
Old disco songs make me laugh.

Sew what?
The one top left is, believe it or don't, a 'Marlo Thomas' pattern.

I'm puzzled.
I do some of my best thinking when I'm putting a jigsaw puzzle together.


VERY cool shoes,
NOT made in China.

It's not likely amma make the big bucks on this doll, 
but I couldn't resist.

My last and final purchase.
(don't bother correcting me.  I'm a published author.  True fact: some of my stuff is in the Library of Congress.)
A Custo Barcelona (i.e. made in Spain) top.
Prolly not gonna make much on this either -- it's the Custo people designs that sell -- but once again, I couldn't resist.

Price for all?  

Less than $22.

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