Saturday, August 19, 2017

More love, more fun, more purring

Meet Levi and Levi
Levi and Levi are my foster kittens.

Levi and Levi are without a doubt -- and I'm certain this could be proven scientifically -- the world's most affectionate kittens.

Levi and Levi are also SUPER SUPER playful.

Levi and Levi will start to purr if you so much as touch them.  

If you're in the South Jersey/Cape May County area or the Philadelphia area, and are interested in either Levi or Levi or both, AND you have vet references, and you're up to a home inspection (because we want to know if you're right for Levi and/or Levi, and also  if Levi and/or Levi are right for you), reply to this post.

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