Monday, October 12, 2015

your Daily Double or GETGETGETGETGET

Happy Monday!

Let's get started.
Halloween is coming, which makes this one particularly apt.
 Bob's flesh-eating infection was simply moving too fast for him to make it to the emergency room on time.  Bob and his buddy at the wheel can be had on decals -- greeting cards -- neckties -- t-shirts -- placemats (!) -- napkins (!!) -- ceramic tiles -- wall clocks -- mugs -- mouse pads -- tote bags and MORE!!  
Go to: and in the 'Search this store' box enter 'Bob'

Now onto some thing a little happier...'
Oops, that one's a little over-watermarked, but in the Halloween season there IS a greater possibility that you or someone you love could be spirited away by a flying monkey.  Only watermarks can protect you from this.  Nevertheless note that NONE of my Zazzle stuff has in reality a watermark on it.  Not one thing.  

So anyway, onto this neat Ziegfeld Follies program cover from 1927.  You can get it on notebooks -- plaques -- jigsaw puzzles -- boxes of various kinds -- cloth napkins (!) -- ceramic tiles -- wall clocks -- dart boards (!!) -- coasters -- buttons -- decals/skins -- t-shirts -- greeting cards -- mouse pads -- tote bags and MORE.    Go to: and enter 'Ziegfeld'  Note that a bunch more 1920s Ziegfeld stuff pops up, too!!

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