Thursday, October 8, 2015

your Daily Double or GET GET GETGETGETGET

A very happy Thursday to you and yours.

Here's what we got:
A VERY important image...
 which will serve to show you the difference between dog and dogwood.  

The super-helpful above can be had on tote bags -- mouse pads -- trinket boxes -- skins/decals -- cloth napkins (!) -- t-shirts -- greeting cards -- neckties -- ceramic tiles -- aprons -- wrapping paper aka giftwrap aka gift wrap, and maybe one or two more must-have items.   Go to  and in the 'Search this store' box, enter 'dogwood'

Dave changed his mind about getting that vasectomy.
Dave and Nurse Millie are available on skins/decals -- greeting cards -- t-shirts -- mugs -- tote bags.  Go to  and in the 'Search this store' box, enter 'vasectomy'

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