Wednesday, September 16, 2015

your Daily Double or Winter Is Coming

and with winter comes Christmas, and with Christmas comes Christmas shopping and with Christmas shopping comes frustration, angst, and parking difficulties.

But if you buy the rare and the awesome from my Zazzle store (and all I have in my Zazzle store are the rare and the awesome) you can avoid frustration, angst, and having to park.

Go here:

And now here's your daily double:
calla lilies  
You can get this lovely image on letterhead -- mouse pads -- mugs -- coasters -- keepsake boxes -- aprons -- tote bags -- gift boxes -- wall clocks -- puzzles -- stickers -- greeting cards -- notebooks -- and MORE.  Go to and enter 'calla'

Now for a bit of oldtime sleaze...
OK, Killer.
You can get the above on t-shirts -- decals/skins -- tote bags -- mouse pads -- aprons -- mugs -- playing cards -- greeting cards (!), and wrapping paper.  Go to: and enter 'killer'

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