Friday, September 4, 2015


Happy Friday and Happy Labor Day Weekend and Happy Whatever Else You Have to Be Happy About!!

 This is happy.

Now, the following might not make you happy, but it's probably no big deal in the universal scheme of things:
This is unhappy.

To wit: For the next 9 days, starting tomorrow, amma be MIA.  I will return to you on Monday, September 14.  Between now and then you *could* get oodles of entertainment and edification re-going over the rest of the blog, (much of which has other stuff -- LOTS of other stuff -- in addition to the Daily Doubles))  Or introducing your nears and dears to it.  Or whatever.  Your choice.

Now onto your Daily Double...
 'When a Feller Needs a Friend' one of the best things to do -- according to the experts -- is to buy a tin of pipe tobacco.  You can get the above on t-shirts -- skins/decals -- mugs -- tote bags -- greeting cards -- neckties -- notebooks -- mouse pads !!   Go to: and enter 'Briggs'

Now here's something very cool...
  A 19th century print of rare chickens.  I've lived my whole life near Bucks County, PA, and never heard of Bucks County fowls.  (Probably nobody in Bucks County -- at least today -- has heard of them either.)  You can get these beauties on all kinds of must-have stuff: t-shirts -- wrapping paper --- notepads -- trinket boxes -- skins/decals -- mugs -- greeting cards -- aprons -- hats -- tote bags!   Go to: and enter 'Bucks'

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