Wednesday, September 2, 2015

your Daily Double or GET GET GET SOME SOME SOME

Felicitations of the day to one and all.

Here's today's double:

Continuing with the 'Big' theme (started by yesterday's mammoth Plymouth),
here we have Mom and Susie and their VERY big refrigerator.
 Maybe not big for today, but definitely huge for 1950-whatever.  The fridge my parents had when I was a wee one could only have held about a third of what you see above. (I cried when they got rid of that refrigerator, because I thought they were hurting its feelings by getting rid of it. I was a very sensitive kid.)  You can get Mom, Susie and their refrigerator on skins/decals -- tote bags -- mugs -- t-shirts -- mouse pads -- greeting cards -- ceramic tiles -- gift boxes -- trinket boxes -- aprons -- napkins, and wrapping paper.  Go to:  and enter 'refrigerator'  Note that another fridge image will also pop up, but that one's equally cool and desirable.

Next, a lady from around 1906 wearing either a hat or a lampshade.  (My guess is hat.)  
You can get her on skins/decals -- mugs -- t-shirts -- neckties -- tote bags, and greeting cards.  Go to: and enter 'circa 1906' 

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