Thursday, September 3, 2015

your Daily Double or GET GET GET and BE HAPPY

There's a verse in the Bible that reads, 'Which all your getting, get wisdom.'

You should also get some of the unique and awesome and rare stuff that's in my Zazzle store: .  Won't make you wise (well, maybe will.  I dunno.) but should go a long way vis-a-vis making you happy.  And/or someone else happy, who receives something -- or multiple somethings - you got for them.  

Now on to what you came for:

A lovely vaudeville performer, and her beautiful talking bird.
 You can get her on t-shirts -- mouse pads   skins/decals -- mugs -- tote bags -- greeting cards, and neckties.  Go to: and enter 'bird lady' 

Now we leave the sunny charm of the bird lady and enter the heart of darkness...
Is it BLACKMAIL?? Yep, I think so.  The above angsty, agida-laden image is available on t-shirts -- coasters -- notebooks -- letterhead -- mouse pads -- mugs -- tote bags -- wall clocks -- buttons -- greeting cards -- phone cases -- greeting cards -- ceramic tiles and MORE.   Go to:  and enter 'blackmail' 

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