Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Your Daily Double or The Clock Is Ticking

Ticking... ticking... ticking... With every second that ticks by you're ever closer to when you're going to have to by Christmas presents, Hanukkah presents, Festivus presents.

Now, would you rather go to the mall and fight those horrendous...


And even if you go online to the mall store's websites, what you're gonna get your nears and dears is basically what everybody else is buying for their nears and dears.  

Now, how boring and unimaginative, and just plain wrong is that??

Which is why you should -- really should -- consider the unique and the awesome and the reasonably priced unique awesomeness of my Zazzle store:

  Now here's your Daily Double:

royally marvelous
 AND to be had on mouse pads -- mugs -- pendants -- jigsaw puzzles -- t-shirts -- printed napkins -- throw pillows (!) -- wall clocks -- skins/decals -- neckties -- wrapping paper aka gift wrap -- party plates -- keychains -- tote bags -- buttons -- notebooks and a BUNCH more!  Go to: and enter 'crown'

Sad, but adorable
Also heavily watermarked -- just for here, but not on the many must-have products in my Zazzle store.  (True fact: watermarks protect YOU from flying monkeys.)  

Our sad hippo -- soon to be cheered up by his friends -- is available on gift boxes -- notebooks -- throw pillows (!) -- mugs -- other kinds of boxes -- t-shirts -- tote bags -- aprons -- skins/decals -- tree ornaments -- ceramic tiles -- greeting cards, plus a few more stuffs.  Go to: and enter 'crying'

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