Monday, September 14, 2015

your Daily Double is BACK!!

You're thrilled, I'm sure.

So here's what we have:
businessmen doing business
 The above is available on decals/skins -- tote bags -- note pads -- printed napkins (perfect for the executive dining room!) -- t-shirts -- neckties -- greeting cards -- notebooks -- dart boards -- wall clocks -- mugs -- mouse pads and tote bags.  Go to:  and enter 'businessmen'

Buster Keaton is (update: no longer in *) the house!!
Zazzle regularly pulls stuff they think will get them in trouble, even if it's a 50+ year old ad featuring someone who died in 1966.  Interestingly, they only pull people they've heard of, and since I'm guessing most of their work force is made up of clueless millenials who spend more time looking at their phones than actually working, it's possible that a rare movie savvy individual got hired.  

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