Monday, August 31, 2015

your Daily Double or Everyone Will Be Disappointed with Their Christmas Presents...

...if you buy them from a mall or some big online entity, and not from someplace you can get the unique and the awesome for less than you'd spend at these other places.

I'm sure you know the unique and awesome place I'm referring to, i.e. my Zazzle store:

Now, onto what you came for:

Yet another beautiful Leyendecker Arrow shirt and collar* ad, this one from 1923.
 *Back in the day, shirts didn't have collars.  Collars were sold separately, which is why you can often find collar boxes (i.e. boxes for holding collars) at antiques shops and like that.  The above is available on skins and decals -- t-shirts -- mugs -- neckties -- greeting cards -- mouse pads and tote bags.   Go to: and enter '1923'

Now onto some big time adorableness...
Mama Kitty, Baby Kitty, Mama Duck, and her cute little sailor-suited duckling.

You can get this darling image on skins and decals -- t-shirts -- throw pillows (!) -- mugs -- notebooks -- neckties -- ceramic tiles -- gift wrap aka wrapping paper -- trinket boxes -- tote bags -- cloth napkins (!) -- aprons -- jigsaw puzzles -- coasters -- greeting cards, and mouse pads.   Go to: and enter 'baby kitty'

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