Thursday, August 27, 2015

your Daily Double or Christmas Is Coming and You Need Somewhere to Buy Awesome Presents

That somewhere is, obviously, my Zazzle store:

Here's what we have for your today:

Judgmental Jack
Frankly, he's had it with your lame excuses.  And another thing... well, let's not bring THAT up again.  Judgmental Jack can be had on aprons -- tote bags -- mouse pads -- mugs -- skins and decals -- playing cards -- greeting cards -- t-shirts and wrapping paper aka gift wrap.  Go to: and enter 'another thing'

Next, we have the beauteous Arlene Dahl...
with a still from her famous motion picture Death by Hair Spray.  You can get this marvelous image on wall clocks -- coasters -- greeting cards -- skins and decals -- trinket boxes -- neckties -- wrapping paper aka gift wrap -- mugs -- jigsaw puzzles -- dinner plates -- hand towels -- cloth placemats -- napkins -- t-shirts -- tote bags, and even some more stuff!  Go to:  and enter 'Dahl'

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