Friday, August 28, 2015

your Daily Double or Awesomeness Springs Eternal

But that awesomeness is mainly found in my Zazzle store, i.e.

By the way, folks, let me remind you that the watermarks you see on the graphics here are NOT on the products you buy from my store.  The watermarks are merely to protect you from flying monkeys.  I would be remiss if I didn't use them, because I would hate for any of my faithful followers to be seized by flying monkeys and taken to who knows where.

No need to thank me.

Now onto what you came for...

We got war, 
specifically World War II, and an image that's supposed to depict a pair of brothers, one who went army and the other who was all 'Go Navy.'  You can get them on hats -- keychains -- letterhead -- buttons -- neckties -- decals -- ceramic tiles (yep, ceramic tiles) -- boxes -- jigsaw puzzles -- cotton print napkins (yep, cotton print napkins) -- t-shirts -- wall clocks -- notebooks -- plates (which go nicely with the napkins) -- coasters -- greeting cards, and maybe a few more must-have items.  Go to: and enter 'soldier meets sailor'

In addition to war, we also got romance,

which is nice.  The beauty above is, of course, by J. C. Leyendecker, and you can get it with mouse pads -- mugs -- decals and skins -- playing cards -- greeting cards -- t-shirts -- aprons -- and tote bags.  Go to:  and enter 'Arrow shirt ad no. 1'

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