Friday, June 19, 2015

your Daily Double or GET THIS!! GET GET GET!!!

I'm sorry I missed yesterday.  I'm wrangling with a very demanding project, which would have been a breeze if people just realized that MS Windows is a thoroughly LOUSY word processing program.  If the people behind WordPerfect (which is a VASTLY superior program) had a bigger marketing budget than Bill Gates did, we'd all be using it.

WordPerfect is soooooooooooooooooooooooo much easier to use, and has all kinds of helpful features Bill Gates never heard of.

I am a voice crying out in the wilderness: MS WORD IS GARBAGE.

Alas, all the sheeple signed up for it, and I couldn't get my demanding project printed at OfficeMax in WordPerfect.  So I put it in Word, which really pulled out to stops vis a vis making it barely readable.  

I realize you're not here for that, but I hadda hadda vent.

Thank you.

(deep breath)

OK, now for what you came for.  Since I missed yesterday, we have four today.

Including a circa 1905 loose woman.

TWO different images featuring our loose woman.
Loosie is available on tshirts, greeting cards, phone/computer accessories, AND more.  
Go to and in the 'Search this store' box, enter 'loose'

Next, we have the very attractive Lotta Miles, 1920s mascot of the Kelly-Springfield tire company.  
Lotta appears on t-shirts, stationary, greeting cards, mugs, buttons, decals, tote bags, and lots more.  Go to and in the 'Search this store' box, enter 'lotta'

Lastly, we have two adorable parakeets or budgies.
They may not be lovebirds, but they are definitely love birds.  They appear on trinket boxes, plates, plaques, keychains, t-shirts, clocks, phone/computer accessories, coasters, napkins, and much MUCH more!  Go to and in the 'Search this store' box, enter 'lovebirds'

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