Saturday, June 27, 2015


I'm so sorry I missed yesterday.  I was 3/4 done and realized one of the images needed edited.

So now that's done, and we can move on.  Today will be a double double.

First up...

A handsome WWII Navy man (aka World War II Navy man) checking something technical with his new watch.  
He's doing that on boxes, plates, ceramic tiles, t-shirts, ornaments, decals, buttons, and MORE.  Go to and in the 'search this store' box, enter 'naval officer'

Now here's someone else who's at work.
That's the North Window, protecting that little bird on its way south.  He appears on  shirts, cards, mugs, etc. etc. etc.  (I have to redo this in Zazzle, so if you're really and truly are interested in The North Wind, wait a few days until he reappears.)  Then you can Go to and in the 'search this store' box, enter 'north'

Oh, the humanities!
The above mob scene appears on wrapping paper, decals, phone/computer accessories, notebooks, plaques, jigsaw puzzles (makes a VERY cool jigsaw puzzle), boxes, plates, coasters, tshirts, tote bags, and LOTS LOTS LOTS more.   Go to and in the 'search this store' box, enter 'crowd'

Smell the smokes before you smoke 'em.
On pillows, t-shirts, wrapping paper, notebooks, plates, coasters, tiles, plaques, mouse pads, cellphone/computer accessories, and MORE.  Go to and in the 'search this store' box, enter 'smoke'

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