Saturday, May 30, 2015

your Daily Double or GET THIS!!!!!!!!!

First we have dominique-a nika nika... OK, not really.  

Dominique fowl aka 'a better than usual chicken.'  (True. them)

Our feathered friend is available on everything from tshirts to mugs to mouse pads to neckties to A.  BUNCH.  MORE.  
Go to and in the 'search this store' box, enter 'Dominique'

This almost frighteningly happy gal was claimed to be a 'fresh beauty' on the magazine ad I got her from.  Her happy face is on everything from decals to phone cases to notepads, notebooks, dinner plates, clocks, gift wrap, tshirts, and plenty more!!  Go to and in the 'search this store' box, enter 'cold weather'

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