Thursday, May 28, 2015

your Daily Double or GET THIS!!!!

Today's daily doubles couldn't be more different.

First up, WWII pilot, and his beloved.  He looks touched to the cockles of his heart by her letter, but she looks like she's trying to come out with the best wording for a 'Dear John' missive, now that she's dating a dermatologist.

The two lovebirds are available on everything from tote bags to mouse pads, tshirts to mugs, decals to jewelry boxes, plus a bunch more!    Go to and in the 'search this store' box, enter 'pilot and nurse'

Now onto everyone's favorite ethnic type, the Mad Russian.
He's an ALL KINDS'A STUFF, including, but not limited to: mugs, neckties, stationery, notebooks, tshirts, and a BUNCH more.   Go to and in the 'search this store' box, enter 'mad'

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