Thursday, March 5, 2015

your Daily Double or GET THIS!!!!!!!

I'm sure you missed the daily doubles, but they, like I myself, are back.

And so...

When one is too young to borrow Dad's car, Rover will often do just as well.
On a wealth of must-have stuff like t-shirts, mugs, cards (playing and other kinds), etc. etc. etc.  Go to:  and in the 'search this store' box, enter 'cart.'

This was the playbill cover image for the 1927 Broadway production of Dracula, starring the great Bela Lugosi.  Note this was the stage version, not the movie.

On all kinds of things.  Just, lots and lots of things that you'll want to own.  Go to:  and in the 'search this store' box, enter 'Fulton.'

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