Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Get this! again

Another reminder of the joy, beauty, and overall awesomeness you can expect from my Zazzle shop.  

Here are our two daily designs:

The above is the undisputed Cutest Dog Illustration Ever.  It's available on mugs, tiles, cards, shirts and some other cool cool stuff.

The version here is watermarked for your protection, but the products on Zazzle with his image are watermark-free.

Go here: , and in the 'Search This Store' box, and enter 'terrier dog' (you don't need the punctuation).

Next up, a neat vintage tanning whatsis ad, featuring a model who looks quite a bit like Susan Hayward.

It's not.  She was already in Hollywood when this 1940s ad ran.

You can get this charmer on decals/skins - t-shirts, sweat skirts, and beaters - boxes of various kids -- playing cards -- tote bags -- backpacks (also back packs) -- watches -- wallets -- mugs -- neckties -- greeting cards -- magnets -- throw pillows (!) -- notebooks and 3-ring binders -- throw blankets (which look fabuloso with the pillows) -- wall clocks -- party napkins (perfect for pool party!!) -- kitchen towels -- and a whole bunch more.  All free of watermarks, unlike the image above.

Go here:, and in the 'Search This Store' box, and enter 'Gaby' (again, yyou don't need the punctuation).

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