Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Know this!!

Actually, that should have been stated as 'Know these.'

To wit: 
a) June is 'Adopt a Cat Month.'

and b) 10% of my shop PeaceableAntiques's sales go to...

How are these two points related?

Simple Simon
I needed a picture, otherwise you wouldn't read further.

The Spayed Club offers a low-cost spay-neuter program, which means that...

a) fewer adorable kittens and puppies get born only to end up dying in shelters, or being used for a variety of nefarious practices,


b) more of the kittens and puppies who get born will have a better shot at getting a home where they're dearly loved and kindly and responsibly cared for.


a) get shopping and save some lives !!!


b) Go out and adopt a cat.

Cats are not just beautiful,

 They're also kind and non-judgmental.
 Are you ever going to paint this dump?

And deeply soulful,

And ambitious.

They speak their minds.

They're creative and innovative.

They love what you love.

And each and every one was made by God.
Yes, she is parked on an open Bible.
Thanks for asking.

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