Tuesday, November 26, 2013

the Tuesday Song of the Week

A big star back in the day, but now largely thought of as a Rat Pack joke, sort of.

'The Rhythm of Life' - Sammy Davis, Jr.

I'm a huge Sammy Davis, Jr. fan.  In addition to the fact that the guy could do anything -- ANYTHING -- dance, sing, act, do impressions, perform magic, raise the dead, and was just generally buhFREAKINGrilliant.  (OK, maybe he didn't raise the dead, but I would not be surprised if he had.)

His current image is sorta his fault - he was a little too enamored of the Sixties 'do whatever feels good' thing, which led him down the road to substance abuse problems and the wearing of love beads.  Also, being Sinatra's lapdog didn't help.  But plenty of people got screwed up on drugs and/or by the people they hung with and/or wore love beads, and people still fawn all over them.

It's indisputable that Sammy had an awesome voice and was a great singer (not always the same thing), and some influential hipster really oughta resurrect his music.

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