Friday, November 1, 2013

Bijoux4Youx is open for business!

And, wow, do we have some neat stuff - and way WAY more coming, since I cleared out my case at Cape May Antiques yesterday.  

But here's what's there at this very moment:

This is way more attractive in person.  It combines smoked lucite with colored rhinestones, and teensy faux pearls.  As you can see.

Another one that looks even better in person.  AND cuter!

made of sterling silver and white topaz; perfect for channeling your inner Arlene Francis

stylized sterling silver Schipperke
probably not really a Schipperke.  I just wanted something alliterative.

'nother sterling entry

Sarah Coventry's circa 1972 salute to Jonathan Livingston Seagull

everyone simply MUST own a scarab bracelet.
They MUST.
early 1980s opulence              
Don't you just love the word 'opulent?'  I do.

Gerry's swan brooch.  Gerry had good taste.

A brooch AND a locket

more early 1980s opulence in NOS (new old stock) form

exceptionally zen brooch by Trifari 

more NOS!  

Oh, boy, did this beauty photograph poorly.  It's GORGEOUS in person.

something sweet, neat and 1970s by Avon

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